Thank you for participating in the CCC Fit For Life POST Nutrition and Fitness Assessment.  Your responses will help us provide a quality Nutrition and Fitness Program.



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1.3Which school do you attend/work?

2POST Nutrition and Fitness Assessment

2.1The ability of the body systems to work together efficiently to enhance health and improve performance is called__________.

2.2The bread, cereal, rice and pasta group is a good source of __________.

2.3Which one of the following answer choices is not a component of wellness?

2.4Which method is not valid to count heart rate (pulse)?

2.5How many components of health-related physical fitness are there?

2.6Which answer choice is not a skill-related fitness component?

2.7Which reading is a good blood pressure reading?

2.8How many servings of vegetables do we need each day?

2.9Which of the following is the healthiest type of fat?

2.10Having a high glucose level is called __________.

2.11A high level of fitness means that you have a healthy __________ system.

2.12Which type of cholesterol is good for the heart?

2.13__________ exercise on a regular basis (3-5 times per week, heart rate in the target zone, for 20 min or more)should provide you with a good level of fitness.

2.14Which of the following foods are high in calcium?

2.15How many servings of fruit are suggested to eat each day?

2.16The top number of a blood pressure reading is labeled the __________ number?

2.17__________ exercise means exercise you can sustain for long periods of time.

2.18Which answer choice is a way that burns calories that are used for basic body functions such as digestion and warmth?

2.19The percentage of your total body made up of fat tissue is called __________.

2.20Lower back pain is a __________ disease caused by lack of exercise.